Toy Shock International Limited was founded in 2004, private equity, is a producer and distributor of toys. We distribute high quality products on a global level in different categories of toys. Products are produced “in-house” under the highest standards and comply with all international safety, ethics and social regulations.

Company Values

Toy Shock International Limited (Toy Shock), its management, staff, suppliers and other associates hereby agree; to conduct the affairs of this business under the Codes of Conduct listed herein; and further, at all times, to carry out their individual responsibilities using the highest standards for ethical behavior in all situations.


Toy Shock and any associated company, supplier or business affiliate shall adhere to the rules and regulations respecting workers, their safety, social well-being and compensation as outlined under International labor laws and regulations, and as may further be required under local jurisdictions.

This includes complete compliance with all laws and regulations related to discrimination, harassment, forced or child labor, collective bargaining, health and safety, hours of work, environment, privacy and compensation.

All Toy Shock entities are drug and alcohol-free workplaces.


Toy Shock and any associated company, supplier or business affiliate shall at all times adhere to, and comply with, all applicable laws regarding Fair Trade. This shall include the open and honest representation of all requirements when negotiating agreements of any form, and will at all times be honest in their dealings, and never make false or deceptive claims.

All Toy Shock entities, employees, suppliers and business affiliates are obligated to protect Intellectual Property whether belonging to Toy Shock or belonging to any other entity, and treat all Intellectual Property with the highest regard to security and confidentiality.

Under no circumstances will Toy Shock, its management or employees condone, or be involved with, any form of bribery or kick-backs, as an inducement or requirement for entering into a business relationship. This will not be tolerated in any form.


Environmental safety and sustainability is a core principle within Toy Shock. All Toy Shock entities and employees will at all times seek to conserve resources through safe, efficient and responsible management of materials, and wherever appropriate by reusing and recycling. Toy Shock and its employees will adhere to all applicable environmental laws and regulations, as well as industry standards, policies and procedures.


All Toy Shock entities, management and employees will at all times strive to achieve the highest quality and effectiveness in both the process and products, to the betterment of all suppliers and customers.


All efforts within the Toy Shock entities are designed to enhance and promote the expectations, activities and requirements of our customers. Putting the Customer First applies to all activities within the company, and is foremost in our efforts from initial design, to providing service after the sale. Only when our customers’ requirements and expectations are met, can there be a meaningful and long-lasting relationship. Meeting this goal in a positive, transparent and ethical manner, is inherent in all our activities.

These standards represent the principles under which we will operate as a company. It is also necessary for each of us to raise any questions and report any concerns in a timely fashion, regarding the Company’s failure to meet any of these standards. We all share the responsibility of making these Core Values a central part of our everyday business activities.

Violation of any of these principles will invoke consequences, including disciplinary action up to and including termination, as well as possible civil or criminal liability.